Name Date Rating Type Long Term Short Term Outlook Action
The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited 3/22/2019 IFS AA-    Stable Initial
Lucky Knits (Pvt.) Limited 3/18/2019 Entity A-    A-1 Stable Initial
EFU Life Assurance Limited 3/15/2019 IFS AA+    Stable Reaffirmed
Deharki Sugar Mills (Pvt) Limited 3/13/2019 Entity A-    A-2 Stable Downgrade
JDW Sugar Mills Ltd 3/13/2019 Entity A    A-2 Stable Downgrade
Foundation Securities Private Limited 3/12/2019 Entity    Suspended
Kohinoor Mills Limited 3/11/2019 Entity BBB+    A-2 Stable Initial
Lahore Sialkot Motorway Infrastructure Management (Pvt.) Ltd 3/11/2019 Entity A-    A-2 Stable Initial
Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power (Pvt.) Limited 3/4/2019 Entity AA-    A-1 Positive Maintained
Dawood Equities Limited 3/4/2019 Entity    Suspended